Retirement Income Strategy

Maximising retirement outcomes for our members

As a proud profit-to-members fund, we are committed to improving member outcomes in retirement.

The recent introduction of the Retirement Income Covenant (‘the Covenant’) builds on the important work we do every day to help our members achieve their best possible retirement.

The Covenant requires super fund trustees to develop a Retirement Income Strategy for all members who are approaching retirement or who have retired.

A summary of the retirement income strategy is available for download below.

This summary may be a useful guide for our members to help them understand what retirement strategies may best support them in retirement. 

While consideration has been given to the different needs of our members as they approach retirement or at retirement, we recognise that individual member circumstances may vary. We recommend members talk to a qualified financial planner for advice tailored to their individual circumstances.

A financial planner can provide you with the financial information you need to make the most of your retirement. To find out more about our financial planning service click here or call 1300 655 002.